To create better, experience your impact

Sustainability and conservation. Designing for a closed loop economy. Solving problems within a network of influences and impacts. 

Each of these topics I've explored and studied over the past year, gaining understanding and passion for working in a mindset more aligned to these concepts. However, aside from composting and recycling, choosing to walk and ride the subway (which, to be honest, is often faster in New York), and using Green Mountain Energy as one of my providers, I'm quite distant from the heart of the impact. Intellectually, I understand how things impact our world, but this summer, I had the experience to walk the front lines of conservation with a marine biology lab group off the Florida panhandle coast, observing and collecting data on endangered sea turtles nesting. A taste of where the rubber meets the road. Read about the experience here.

I walked away with more of an investment in finding ways to be conscientious about my life and work. Seeing how what you do makes an impact--be it environment, animal, or people--can give you the extra reason to address a change that merely having knowledge cannot do.

Change is a process we ask our clients and customers to go through with each hire or purchase. Looking at how we might change to provide more responsible and valuable options and solutions is a worthy change one we can all own and benefit.

  • How might you look for the far-reaching impacts of solution design?
  • Will knowing possible negative impacts of options affect decision criteria?
  • Is there an opportunity to experience the result of your work--from sitting with product users to visiting a landfill? Can you provide this experience to someone else?