Master's Thesis | Pt. 3: Concept & Prototype testing

To test my concept to close the utensil consumption cycle and provide reusable metal utensils, I have brought it out in part to the north shore Chicago community. My primary question is, presented with the option, will users choose the metal utensils? Secondarily, will they return them? Utilizing a messaging bot for user communication and wonderful, like-minded establishments to test, I am hoping to answer these questions and uncover additional insight.


Creative Warmup | Exercise outline and prompt generator

Everyone is creative, but it is a muscle we forget to or become scared to use as we get older. Strengthening your ability to generate ideas and look at problems from a variety of perspectives and degrees of practicality can be very useful, no matter your age or career subject. Take ten minutes and random items you'd find in your junk drawer or office desk and stretch your mind!

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Master's Thesis | Pt. 1: Design Research Summary

Plastic is a problem. "How might we delightfully reduce single-use utensils amongst US urbanites?" This is the challenge I am exploring as my master's thesis in the Strategic Design & Management program at Parsons at The New School. Part OneDesign Thinking Research–will be part of a four booklet set with the completion of the program in May 2018. Download a free PDF of the first booklet by clicking the button below.

Are you in digital marketing and looking to have more control over your listening tools? Start with a primer in Boolean logic!

Are you in digital marketing and looking to have more control over your listening tools? Start with a primer in Boolean logic!

Tutorials | In progress

Playing in the space where communications and technology meet, I've had the opportunity to translate each side, whether it is basic design and principles to help a more technical audience convey their project value or the thought process in setting up simple relational data hierarchies to help a marketing and communications team run and measure success more efficiently. 

SXSW 2016 Interactive | Business cards, web page, custom Google map

During SXSW, you have an opportunity to meet highly interesting and intelligent people from all over to world. As an Austin native, I decided to integrate the question I get most "What do you recommend?" into a purposeful first impression.


Note | Social media analysis and visualization

How might you synthesize social media and visualize it in a new way? What if you introduced senses beyond just sight?

What began as an exercise to reimagine social media data from an event turned into a prototype for a new type of "live music."


Say Yes Moments | Blog

A bold, thoughtful, proactive choice when the reward may outweigh a great risk; inherently requires declining other options that distract or conflict with said choice.

A "say yes moment," if you will. This passion project started as a personal way of sharing my decision and process of moving to New York, and I have recently expanded it to be a forum in which to share others' stories of bold decisions with the goal of celebrating and encouraging personal feats of bravery. Take a look and consider sharing your own moment!