Nice to meet you.

 I believe in doing something meaningful, something that matters. I believe in people and our ability to surprise even ourselves--no one is truly predictable, nor should strive to be so. I believe in being kind over nice. I believe in the power of a good story and the epic story we are all together in--no one is alone. I believe in testing limits, collaborating, feedback and asking "why?" I believe in a whole mess of things, including the oxford comma. It just makes sense.

I love a good challenge. Creating a valuable and impactful experience for people has been a common theme of my more recent endeavors. Strategically connecting people with each other and their value, finding unique and effective ways to communicate concepts, and inspire others to go outside of their box have been critical and fulfilling goals along this leg of my journey.

This notion frames both my professional and personal life. I thrive on the challenge to add dimensions to my knowledge and experience, and I enjoy connecting the dots of what I am capable and the value I can add to the world. As a result, I have acquired an unorthodox mix of experiences and skills that I hope to always expand upon. Life is too short and the world is too big to ever stop learning.

So what am I learning and exploring?
-Creative social media metadata visualization (view "Note" here)
-Arduinos: currently going through the Ardiuno Uno starter project kit
-Short animation (in progress)

I'll be at SXSW this year and have a few recommendations for experiencing Austin, from a local!

"Take something boring and make it fun"
-personal advice from a successful, fun person
I could say it...or I could graph it. Done.

These are a few of my favorite things...

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