Four strategic design lessons on the eve of graduation

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In a few short weeks, I will finish my master’s program at Parsons in Strategic Design + Management within the School of Design Studies. This is a blended “design methodologies with business applications” program, one of the first and few in the nation. Each class has stretched the traditional business courses — for example, instead of business economics, we took a current, broader approach and studied new economies (e.g. the gig economy) and global trends and impacts. 
This program wraps up in a year-long capstone project, in which we each select and solve for one wicked challenge. Through this process, several concepts I learned moved from class discussion topics to personal lessons.

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Creative consultancies: How do you measure success?

"What are the top 5 metrics you’d track in a creative consulting firm and why? (Bonus points if you provide something visual that helps tell the story!)"

An interesting challenge, both from a business and visual standpoint. I accept.

Defining the success of creativity means putting structure to what inherently seeks to break and create new structure. Creativity requires cross-pollination and new insights, and it thrives in a place where goals are high and mental play is rewarded and protected. But the ultimate success...

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