I am a communications and design strategist, trained in design thinking methodologies with experience in communications  and technology in Fortune 500 companies as both a strategist and technologist. I have a masters in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons at The New School and earned my bachelors in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin.

Photo credit: www.osberphotos.com

In a soundbite, I love to create user-centered solutions for beyond the 1%. I have a bias for challenges targeting environmental responsibility, health, and technology, and incorporating ways to educate and involve youth they are our future! Understanding human behavior and what motivates change is fascinating and broad, allowing me to be openly curious and leverage photography, graphic design, and writing to capture what is in hopes of developing what could be. A personal example of this is in my business cards for SXSW, starting in 2016. As a native of the city, I designed the cards as pieces of a recommendation experience that included a webpage and Google mapthe delight I experienced from recipients of my cards was well worth the effort and I've iterated on it each year.

I believe in making brave choices and exploring life's opportunities. When starting a new chapter in New York a few years ago, I began my Say Yes Moments blog to share the journey of making growing life choices and have periodically included stories from others. It has encouraged me to continue to step outside of my comfort zone personally and professionally.

I would love to discuss how I can partner to solve your business challenges, share your "say yes moment" on my blog, or grab a cup of a locally roasted coffee! I am currently located in Austin, though I can often be found in Chicago or New York, and if we need a conversation starter: I can currently fit all my belongings (save for a small long-term storage unit) in my CR-V...