• Are you a leader in your field, looking to bring your influence into the world of social media?
  • Are you growing a your team and looking for a strategist to develop programs around social media, thought leadership, employee engagement, or executive communications?
  • Do you simply want help to decipher your technical solutions and translate the value you’ve brought for non-technical audiences?
I'd love to work with you.

I am a communications strategist and designer, specializing in the tech sector.

Let's partner to solve your challenges, whether they are specific needs or undefined challenges that are begging for structure. I bring with me a background as an enterprise communications strategist, running executive, employee engagement, event, and social media programs and in Fortune 500 companies and developer for a Fortune 50 tech company. Below is a sample of what I offer, but I relish a challenge!


Communications strategy

Your goals can span several audiences from employees and stakeholders to potential clients and industry influencers. We can develop campaign strategy and consult on choosing the right platforms to enable and measure success, whether for an organization or the individual.


Social media | Writing

Would you like to build your presence as a thought leader or are you looking to structure an integrated social presence for your company? Do you need of social support, such as live tweeting, for campaigns or events? We can help you to tell your story and engage your audience.


Presentations | Design | Photography

Do you have an upcoming event and need materials that hit just right? Are you looking for custom graphics and photography to personalize a campaign? A tailored approach will connect more effectively with your audience and we're up for the challenge.