Creative consultancies: How do you measure success?

"What are the top 5 metrics you’d track in a creative consulting firm and why? (Bonus points if you provide something visual that helps tell the story!)"

An interesting challenge, both from a business and visual standpoint. I accept.

Defining the success of creativity means putting structure to what inherently seeks to break and create new structure. Creativity requires cross-pollination and new insights, and it thrives in a place where goals are high and mental play is rewarded and protected. But the ultimate success...

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Snapchat: A social media disruptor to stay?

In early 2017, Snap, Inc. (the parent company of Snapchat) made an important decision in the life of its company and the social media field when it went public with its IPO. By doing so, it made the claim that not only was it a unicorn and disruptive force in the media industry, but it was here to stay. With its potential success and business sustainability, this company has the chance to join the ranks of disruptive innovators turned leaders…but will it?

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